Stella Planning Management:

Planning Management:

Throughout the project’s entire cycle - from land acquisition to final touches - Stella Projects invest a great deal of resources to properly manage and maximize planning. As hands-on professionals we know how to minimize gaps and provide solutions in the initial stages, thus saving valuable time and unnecessary costs.

Stella Project and Execution Management:

Project and Execution Management:

For every project, we recruit a full-time execution manager for the duration of the project. These managers enjoy our full backing, and are fully committed without any compromises on quality and safety. Our unique GMC (General Manager Contractor) method allows the workers on-site to be free of any pressure, which is usually the case with contractors in similar projects. With Stella Projects, our people treat each as if it were their own personal home.
Our company has a full support team for engineers in the field, which includes Area Managers, Office Managers as well as in-house Accounting, Finance and Budget Manager, Architect Coordinator and Maintenance Team.

Stella Maintenance:


Stella Projects provide experienced maintenance services only for its projects. Our maintenance teams consist of experts in their respective fields, and they are always accompanied by senior staff of Stella Projects.
We take maintenance very seriously, and make sure that maintenance issues will be reflected in the plans, the selected materials and even the experts, from the early planning stages. We carefully select our professionals and suppliers to provide the best and most uncompromising service to our clients, even after the project is complete.